Simone Boon opened her studio in Amsterdam in 2014, since 2004 she is based in Hong Kong. The artist lived since her early childhood in very different places, such as Borneo, the Netherlands, Venezuela, Belgium, Malaysia and Austria.

The experience of living between east and west made Simone aware of how people see the world around them. She realized that prejudice, as well as understanding or misunderstanding are related to the internal criterion encased in all individuals by culture of upbringing.

Perception was, thus, an important characteristic of Simone’s work, who started her career with sculpture, moving afterwards to ceramic and then to video and photography. She explores, as well how life evolves over time, space and place. In the last years photography became her main focus but all the other disciplines are not left behind.

In her photography she approaches human identity from a female perspective, related to a philosophy of becoming. Simone has shown her work on exhibitions in Hong Kong and overseas, she also collaborated in the project ‘City One Minutes’ of the Rietveld Arsenale in Venice. Her artworks are collected internationally by both private collectors and public institutions.

Artist Photo