Sheng Shaopeng (China, 1961) graduated from the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou and settled his art studio in Shanghai in 2006. His artworks have a very unique pictorial language, mature thoughts and a deep cultural background.

He not only focusses on the current reality in China but he is also interested in the development trend of the art world abroad. Shaopeng is a passionate artist with enormous technical talent and a very personal visual language. The series ‘Compassion Heart’ consist in different canvases in which the self-portrait of the artist represents his loneliness, melancholy and his attitudes towards life in the perception of himself.

The impressive, contemplative male faces in black and white shades are painted in a bold infrequent combination of oils, latex and filler. Sheng creates a network through furious crossing lines, which wrap the male head with various puzzling expressions.

With those materials and composition, the artist achieves impressive canvases creating a balance between painting and sculpture through his magnificent brushstrokes and fascinating structure. In his series, Shaopeng approaches the theme of freedom of the soul of mankind.

In a society in which materialism has a big role it is important that persons can free their soul from the desire of material and luxury for a more introspective approach of life. The mysterious and fascinating images by Shaopeng give the spectator the space to think on their small interior universe.

Artist Photo