Rob Bonnemaijers (1966) works as copywriter in a graphic, advertising and commercial environment. Inspired by this visual world he creates his own ‘eyecons’ as a contemporary artist/designer.

‘With my designs I look for the limits between art, design and graphics. It’s also my personal quest for silence, simplicity and beauty. From a screaming world of logo’s, brands and trademarks to the silent experience of abstraction. Thanks to existing lines, shapes, colors and balance.

He creates challenging work as a new perspective on contemporary visual culture. Back to the essence. The result? A crystal clear and abstract signature. Monumental, bold and young. A renewed acquaintance with iconic brand images, called: eyecons.

‘Todays graphic images are always and everywhere around us. I take a step back- and forwards. Then I focus on the most interesting and exciting details. There it’s happening. That’s my signature. For arts sake ...”

Artist Photo