Stefan Da Costa Gomez, ‘Phynta’ (1979) is an Amsterdam based artists who studied at Willem the Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and the School of Visual Arts in New York. He started his career in the advertising branch as an art-director. This was the base for what later became an artistic career, combining his passion for drawing and painting with his new acquired concept and communications skills.

Phynta’s work approaches the classic analogue handwork of painting and combines it with 3D technology creating a new visual experience. Looking at the paintings through a pair of anaglyph 3D glasses (red-cyan/blue) makes the subject on the canvas ‘come back to life’ and turns the flat surface of the canvas into a 3-dimensional world.

Phynta’s series Hollywoodlan3D is an ongoing project that combines the classical analogue craft of painting with the digital technology of 3D Hollywood imagery. This creates a new visual experience bringing the subject on the canvas back to live and turning the flat surface of the canvas into a 3-dimensional world.

In his new digital series Nature vs Structure Phynta explores the relation and/or dualism between the modern man-made world and mother nature. By definition two opposing, yet in some visual elements rhyming, images are superimposed creating a new image that merges nature with structure. One can reveal each image separately by shining a red or blue light onto the image or by looking through a red or blue lens.

Artist Photo