Noustha Koeckhoven is a Dutch underwater photographer, who graduated cum laude from Fotoacademie in Amsterdam in 2015. Her photography is narrative, colourful and imaginative. In her photography she places her models in a playful surrealistic atmosphere. Noustha would like to take the viewer into their own creative, imaginative world with her art, which can be a real challenge.

The artist’s interest in underwater photography began in a swimming pool in the Netherlands. She was fascinated by the weightlessness, water reflections and air bubbles. All those elements give a dreamy effect to her photography. Soon after, she sought ways to build a more compelling environment around her subjects. She swapped the swimming pools for the natural beauty of the ocean. The sea presented both new challenges and opportunities for her work.

Noustha travels across the globe in search of underwater environments. Along the way, she gets to work with locals where the photoshoots take place. Some of the images are relatively simple, using just a snorkel, while other photos are taken deep in the ocean with the help of a team of scuba divers.

The artist’s final graduation project took place in the Caribbean Sea off Bonaire. Since then, she has returned to Bonaire several times, as the water there is pristine, and ideal for her underwater photography. She has also travelled for a year in Australia and the surrounding islands. Presently, she is taking her photography on a voyage aboard a small sailboat, together with her partner, through the Caribbean and to the many beautiful underwater offerings along the way.

Artist Photo