Michèl Poort´s (1960) creativity arose in an early age. At the beginning of his career, he was mainly involved in making sports drawings. Michèl himself was an avid sportsman and translated the dynamics of sport into his art. In the nineties he was known as one of the greatest artists in this field.

After a few years, however, the artist felt that he was on a dead end. A new period followed, full of experiments and searching for new challenges. Eventually he found satisfaction in a more expressionistic way of painting. He was attracted by the intense colors of the acrylic paints and discovered that he can express his feelings better with the brush.

After a few intervening style periods, Michèl Poort approached to a completely new style around the turn of the century, characterized by even more freedom and independence. He now also works on large canvases and named it the Heart period. Since then the artist develops a new manuscript in which he lets the paint speak.

With his Heartbeats series the artist tries to embrace diversity. He challenges the community to stop labeling each other and start to use the powerful feeling of shared heartbeats. Michèl Poort strongly believes that the world can be truly connected again through the shared heartbeats.

Artist Photo