Loes Heerink (1989) is a Dutch photographer who started to make photos at the age of nineteen and never stopped. Her career started as a writer and photographer for a couple of magazines and NGO’s in Vietnam, meanwhile she began the series ‘Vendorsin Vietnam’.

What started as an interest, very soon turned into a project that kept the artist during a year on bridges for hours waiting patiently for the flower vendors to pass underneath it and capture an image. The artist just wanted to photograph flower vendors from above but then she started to shot other vendors during the waiting time, very soon she realized vendors create little pieces of art every day. Their bicycles are so colorful and often perfectly arranged.

Most of the workers Loes photographed are female migrants who spend their days selling flowers and other goods. People that stand up very early in the morning and load their bicycles with as much as they can, covering countless kilometers every day. A situation that was told by some of the photographed women.

To Loes vendors seemed completely unaware of the stunning visuals their colorful loads formed. Displaying enormous attention to composition and symmetry, Heerink’s images are a beautiful depiction of a very often overlooked profession. The result are photos bursting with color and texture, Loes has the ability to elevate the ordinary into stunning imagery.

Artist Photo