Julija Levkova (Riga, 1981) studied at Academy of Fine Arts & School of Photography in Antwerp and Breda. From her youth Julija has been fascinated by artists of the Golden Age such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Jan van Huysum and Peter Paul Rubens, in who she later found inspiration for her work.

Levkova´s photography is a praise to the Old Masters; the use of lighting techniques is one of the characteristics of Levkova´s work to achieve the ambiguity in the distinction between painting and photography. The combination of different images and chromatic extremes result in images full of exuberance and hyper natural beauty of nature, reflecting nature´s reality in a faultless image.

The light contrast provides lightness and depth in the exuberant scene, emphasizing the individual beauty of each flower that form the bouquet. The stylized bouquets guide the gaze of the viewer to visual history behind each photography: the essence and beauty of nature.

The work of Levkova has been exhibited internationally, in London, Paris, Venice and New York.

Artist Photo