Photographer Hans Withoos (1962) graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in Tilburg and lives in Rotterdam. After his graduation he made a name for himself as a talented photographer very soon combining his artistic and his commercial work at the beginning of his career.

Hans Withoos’ images are characterized by very colourful images full of fantasy. The photographer arranges them in a world of exuberance, with multiple layers of lecture and eccentric aesthetics. In his photography Withoos exaggerates the scenes and the figures crowding the image become archetypes. He reflects different states, from suffering to sensuality, sometimes with hidden oppressiveness. However, other times the images are emotionless. He is interested in beauty in all its forms: the beauty of nature, the beauty of light, the beauty of symbolism and suffering.

In his work Hans Withoos uses image manipulation in a fascinating way. For his last series ‘Withoos meets Withoos’ the artist combines still lifes and landscapes form the 17th century by his relative the painter Matthias Withoos (who was a trainer with painter Jacob van Campen) with his own contemporary images. He has exhibited in galleries and art fairs in the Netherlands, United States and work became part of institutional and private international collections.

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