Eline was born and raised in The Netherlands, she has spent numerous years abroad, studying and living in New York. Now an international award-winning artist she got the initial inspiration for her series of shadow paintings from traveling the dynamic cities of the world. Her fascination and passion for New York started being a student, De Jonge was often caught up in the energy and the positive mindset of the New Yorkers.

The effect of bright days in most seasons (even Winter) resulting in dramatic shadows, became an important element in her work. Adding a focal point of height and distance became another important factor in her compositions, which enabled her to be an observer. These starting points resulted in a series of paintings depicting scenes such as Grand Central terminal, street scenes with moving taxicabs, the ice skaters in Central Park and cityscapes. Since De Jonge moved back to Europe, her favorite European city Paris has been added to her portfolio and later also London and Amsterdam.

Apart from using oil on large canvasses. De Jonge uses a great variety of materials that always has to relate to the subject of her compositions. She developed a Winter series of paintings on wooden panel of ice skaters and skiers, finished with a glossy layer of resin, to enhance the feeling of ice and snow. In a series of mixed media paintings, she uses city vintage (subway) maps that are used as a backdrop for her work.

In her work De Jonge is looking for a balance between energy and contemplation, between movement and quietness. Although the paintings depict dynamic city scenes, they often convey a remarkable sense of calmness. This tension is what is unique in De Jonge’s work.

Artist Photo