Daan Oude Elferink, (the Netherlands, 1978) also known as ‘Daanoe’, started his career as a photographer in 2009. His photography focusses on abandoned places which are thekey to light the imagination of the spectator.

Daan follows a movement named urban exploring (urbex), which is meant to explore places that are abandoned and forbidden without any permission. To find the perfect location for his shootings the artist travels through Europe, those isolated places are not easy to find, mostly there is some crawling into tunnels or climbing on the roofs involved to achieve a good photography.

Daan captures images of places that were left behind by its inhabitants. In most cases seems that people just abandoned the place leaving everything behind, locations are often still fully furnished and with the furniture covered with a layer of dust. Places such as hospitals with patient files disorganized in the hallways, theaters now empty of public, castles with family photobooks in the bookshelves. The memories of what used to be.

Nature takes over the places very soon after being abandoned and rapidly they start to decay, this decadence gives a romantic and breathtaking view of beauty to the spectator.

In order to capture all the subtle differences within a moment, Daanoe uses a technique that consists of taking from three to five identical views, each of them with a different light exposition. Those images are merged resulting in photos of high impact.

Artist Photo