Alisa Lim A Po (Amsterdam, 1975) is an independent visual artist. Her work reflects on various aspects of human behavior and emotions. She creates unique series of works from her personal experiences and views. Her art is characterized by a colorful signature and a skillful combination of different materials and techniques.

The artist’s oeuvre consists of unique, conceptual series. Working in series allows Lim A Po to venture beyond what is visible to the naked eye. She reflects on events from her own life and the world around her. With a sharp focus, she scrapes beneath the surface of the obvious and explores the vastness of human emotions and behavior. Each series is like a book, in which the individual works serve as separate chapters but are also unmistakably connected.

In today’s society there is a craving for uniqueness, despite the similarity, there is an urge for individual distinction within the collective. This tension is the base for the work Clones. The work refers to the strength of the repetition within the collective versus the unique characteristics of the individual. The series Clones is a multifaceted work, consisting 40 individual works that in given context interact with each other. Lim A Po intention is that people can reorder the collective in its own composition. In this way, a new combination of individuals, private meaningful collective of Clones is created.

In her recent series Elements, Lim A Po refers to cherished feelings and moments of happiness. She translates these intimate feelings to her art, giving them a sense of time and place. Lim A Po works with acryl on various materials like canvas, paper, aluminum, and brass. The series consists of organically shaped elements, in which the unity of shape and color plays a vital role. Associations with bloom and decay, the transience of beauty, and Lim A Po’s appreciation for nature arise intuitively.

Artist Photo