We are a Gallery for Galleries!

Producing works of art for both established and talented new artists as well as international galleries, motivated Marcel Salome, Eyal Reches and Gerard Kellerman to bring these two worlds together.

After more than twenty years of experience in the art market, visiting artists’ studios as well as national and international art fairs, we decided to create a new entity with a different approach.

Starting point for this new entity is the production of artworks at a very highquality level, working close together with both artists and galleries. Each piece of art demands a different way of producing.

Salome, Reches & Kellerman is an intermediary between European artists that distinguish themselves through their unique and challenging art. Artists that show great versatility and consistency in the quality of their work.

We cherish our personal relationship with ‘our’ artists and share their passion to create and present their artworks and editions in the best possible way.

Our committed team guarantees that all details are managed effectively; from artist representation through production and shipping, along with the promotion of artists together with our associated galleries.

Contributing in both, theoretical and practical knowledge of art, the team members aim to combine their skills to ensure that artists and galleries always experience their work with us at its best.

Salome, Reches & Kellerman therefore exclusively sells art, that retains its value over time, to galleries of high level.